Discover a new way of decentralized Income Potential !

Meta Force is an online business based on web technology 3.0, completely decentralized and accessible to everyone. Our project is a whole universe of cryptocurrency tools where everything is interconnected, and therefore rapid implementation occurs organically.
Meta Force is an ecosystem based on the Polygon blockchain, integrating games, social networking, and virtual reality into a rapidly evolving metaverse where users create business communities and engage in NFT trading. Meta Force is designed for easy integration and efficient scaling for a wide range of users. With a primary focus on decentralization, the project ensures reliable protection of personal data and transactions.

Meta Force is an officially registered company. Additionally, the company holds a cryptocurrency license for Forcecoin.

Meta Force is secure. Its operation is fully protected by blockchain technology. Participants do not provide personal data and only use their cryptocurrency wallet address as a login, connected via WEB 3.0. This ensures anonymity. The entire Meta Force infrastructure is based on secure smart contracts to prevent external interference, and the website simply displays data from the blockchain.

You will need a phone or laptop, a cryptocurrency wallet (Metamask or Tokenpocket), some Matic for paying Polygon network fees, and DAI (pos) stablecoin. 

You can start earning with 5 DAI, equivalent to $5.

A smart contract is a computer protocol that allows for programmatically automating and managing financial transactions without the need to trust any third party. With a smart contract, a secure and reliable environment for conducting financial operations can be created, which operates automatically and without human intervention.

To better understand this, please read our PDF files on Uniteverse, Royalty, and Tactile GameAf. They can be found on your home page. Click on “Force Systems”, and there you will find all our systems, under each of them you will find the “About” button, where you can open the guide in 4 languages.

Royalty is a status program where you receive Royalty bonuses, implemented in the form of NFTs. The status program consists of 7 levels of NFTs. Royalty bonuses are accrued based on the total turnover of Meta Force programs.

You need to reach level 5 in the Tactile GameAf system and level 3 in Uniteverse to create Just NFTs.